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Celebrating 15 years!
Write Act Repertory continues to enrich the lives of Los Angeles and New York City theatre artists, our patrons, and the multi-cultural community through our innovative programming.


At this current time, our Los Angeles space is going through major renovations. Please make sure that you check this site for future updates.

We are not accepting any new work during this renovation process and if you have any questions, please e-mail us at the following address:

Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to a wonderful 2013!

The Senior Staff

WAR 2013

Welcome friends, fans, artists and patrons of Write Act Rep! This year, Write Act turns 15, and like any other being moving through adolescence, we're experiencing rapid growth and changes.

For over 10 of the last 15 years, Producing Artistic Director, John Lant has built a vibrant theatre and performing arts scene on two coasts. In 2009, John took Write Act to the Big Apple and became a guest artist at the Richmond Shepard Theatre, as Write Act Rep Eastside. In 2010, W.A.R. East became an Artist in Residence. During it's early days as Artist in Residence, John and the W.A.R. team set out to begin refurbishing the space in conjunction with Richmond Shepard. By 2011, Write Act became a producing guest company, where it has remained since. On July 1, 2013, the Richmond Shepard Theatre changed hands over to Write Act East and has now become the Write Act Repertory Theatre. As we work to update the space that we can officially call home, we found it appropriate to update our name. Write Act Rep Eastside is now Write Act Rep NYC!

With our new found name and homestead, we're excited to report the goings on at W.A.R. NYC! In mid-July we will be producing 2 shows in the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Two original musicals will be gracing the stages of MITF at the June Havoc Theatre: Michael Antin's Sophia and Rocco “Briggs” Vitacco's Hollywood! Hollywood!. Both musicals will move from the June Havoc Theatre and the MITF stages to the Write Act Rep Theatre for a run to close out the Summer and ring in the Fall.

With all the changes coming down the pike, there is one thing that will not change and it's Write Act's commitment to developmental theatre. We're continuing to provide a runway for new works to take flight. Current musicals in development include two works by Will Manus, with music by Rocco Vitacco, Gold Rush Follies and Fatty: The Roscoe Arbuckle Story. On May 1st 2013, we produced a reading of a new musical, entitled A Retail Carol. This new work with book and lyrics by John Paul Boukis and music by Terry Waltz will premiere in production in December of 2013 at the W.A.R NYC Theatre.

The current plays in development include Kafka's The Trial, as well as several works by Write Act's Artists in Residence. Some of which include 4 new works, entitled Three Witches, The Elephant, Tests and Deeds, by the author of Geeks! The Musical, Thomas J. Misuraca. In June we held a reading for Jim Blanchette's series called The Omega Plays (Happy Hour and The Last Testament of Will) all dealing with the various carnations of the idea of “omega”. Keep a look out in August for our announcement, where we'll be calling for new submissions for the 2014 season.

Along with fostering the theatre world, W.A.R. NYC , like it's LA counterpart, is looking to add special events to it's bill. These events will include the spoken word of the Urban Legends series, stand up comedy with 800 Pound Gorilla, improv theatre & comedy with No Drink Minimum and the East Coast Premiere of Dead Beat Poetry.

Like raising adolescent children, developmental theatre takes a village and we would like to send a special thanks to our new friends who will be sharing our new home with us! A big thank you and “bravo” to our guest producing a companies: The Looking Glass Theatre, The Complete Theatre, The Beautiful Soup Theatre, and guest artist Carol Tandava Henning.

We hope to see you here in the Big Apple soon!

Sincerely, The W.A.R NYC Team

This Season's Performances:

Dead Beat Poets Society
Write Act Repertory welcomes back the Dead Beat Poets Society, this time for a little summer fun! Beach Blanket Bingo will feature some of the company's top performers showcasing their performance skills as they tackle lyrics to some of the best summer-themed songs in rock and roll history…dead beat poetry style! That's right, there's no singing here, but rather a serious (and hilarious) "reading" of songs with sunshine, beaches and Summer Lovin! Think William Shatner meets the Beach Boys or Mike Myers ( So I Married an Axe Murderer) does Summertime Blues.  


Urban Legends NYC
The newest spoken word experience, featuring the real voices of a generation without artistic restraint. These voices put a definitive mark on the event and the audiences that attend this soulful journey. This monthly affair will include audition based talent right here from the city that never sleeps. Hosted by spoken work artists will include a DJ – a party experience that is now yours. Produced by the same developmental visionary as the now famous Da Poetry Lounge in LA, this vision started as a real lounge readings at the Jewel Box Theatre complex in Hollywood.



800 Pound Gorilla
This late-night affair will include audition based talent, highlighting the best of a monthly open-mic competition voted on by New York comedic luminaries. 800 Pound Gorilla is the newest toast of the town, featuring a baker's dozen of New York's top comedians and hosted by a prominent guest celebrity comedian. The best comedic performance will take home cash prizes. Come on in and bring your two drinks, because they're free with your ticket price!



NEED-- NO DRINK MINIMUM SYNOPSIS (formerly 2 Drink Minimum)
Fatty: The Roscoe Arbuckle Story  
It’s 1921 and famous silent movie comic, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle is throwing the biggest party ever. But after dances have been danced and the bottles have been popped, the party truly ends for Fatty when he is accused of murdering one of his female guests. Finding himself in the papers for all the wrong reasons, Arbuckle does his best to defend his name and save his movie career. Based on the true story as well as written transcripts that plastered in the tabloids, Will Manus' newest bio-drama recreates the crime of the century, giving audiences a glimpse inside the famed actor’s head as these events transpire onstage. You’re invited to judge for yourself where the truth lies...  
The Trial  
In this absurdest dystopian drama, Josef K. is arrested on his 30th birthday and prosecuted by a remote and inaccessible authority for a crime he did not commit. Josepf K's struggles with said authorities shine a light on the human condition.  


Omega Plays: The Last Testament of Will & Happy Hour
(June 27th)  
These are two plays meant to be performed in one evening as companion pieces with one cast fulfilling roles in both plays. Each deals with the theme of Omega in its own way.  
Last Testament of Will  
The eldest sister tries to contain the sniping and the drinking of their dysfunctional family long enough to hear the reading of their father’s will.  
Happy Hour  
An alcoholic looks for friendship at her favorite waterhole, but the regulars have something else in mind for their collective plaything.  


Tom Misuraca
An evening of readings spotlighting the short works of today’s most talented and artistic writers, starting with creepiest and funniest playwright Tom Misuraca.  


(July 4 Performances MITF, August WART)  
A "laugh-in" your face musical comedy set in the 1960's, where Sophia, a beautiful, strong, independent woman, looks for for an extraordinary love in an ordinary man.  
Dates: July 15th-August 4th  


Hollywood Hollywood
(July 4 Performance MITF, August WART)  
Through song and dance, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, starry-eyed Hollywood hopefuls get together to tell their tales in this contemporary musical with a classic, old-time feel.  
Dates: July 15th-August 4th.  


A Retail Therapy Carol
(May 1st & 2nd 2013)  
Write Act Repertory's Producing Artistic Director John Lant is proud to present new musical comedy: A RETAIL CAROL for two public readings May 1 and 2 at 8pm. Book and lyrics are by John Paul Boukis, Music by John Paul Boukis and Terry Waltz, Direction by Rick Hamilton, Musical Direction and Arrangements by Terry Waltz, and Produced by John Lant.  
Follow a quirky family of misfits merrily ripping through grandma's trust fund until they are forced into therapy for the holidays. And it is not the retail therapy they were planning on. Is it the kick in the pants they need, or has this therapist met her match? Find out in this clever new comedy.  


(3 Special Presentations March, May and coming again this August)  
Fabulous! The Queen of New Musical Comedies is a farce in the style of the Golden Age of Broadway. The show is a cross between Anything Goes, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot. It begins in Paris! Two female impersonators, Jane Mann and Laura Lee Handle, are down on their luck. Backing up Sue Flay, the worst Drag Diva in France, proved a complete disaster. They're jobless and homeless. Just when Jane and Laura Lee get ready to throw in their powder puffs ... a telegram! They'll headline as fabulous showgirls on a cruise ship, the Queen Ethel May. The catch? Keeping their male identities a secret from snooping crew members, jewel heisting gangsters and every gentleman caller that comes their way. It's vintage musical theater meets contemporary farce, where practically everything goes!



The Para Abnormals
(May 5th, 2013)  
Three friends open a ghost hunting business in hopes of proving the existence of the paranormal, but are not be prepared to deal with demons, possessions and one annoyed psychic who plans to release Hell on earth.